Christians believe that God communicates with his people. We believe that God sent Jesus into the world to live the perfect life, to die on the cross in our place and to rise again from the dead destroying the power of sin and death for all people everywhere. Through this event God has communicated his love for all people and his desire for us to live in relationship with him. We find out about the life of Jesus through God's other great act of communication - the Bible. The Bible which has 66 books in it, took thousands of years to write, with multiple different authors in multiple different languages is ultimately best understood as a love letter from God to his people.

Therefore at St Augustine’s we really care about reading and studying the Bible. We want to know what God says in the Bible so we can live it out in our daily lives and we want to know what it tells us about Jesus so that we can be more like him. Because of this the sermons and Bible readings are central to our church services on Sunday and in our mid week small groups. This year we are going to spend Sunday mornings looking at what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and then there is an opportunity for you to talk that through with fellow disciples in small groups during the week.