95th Leeds Brownies meet in St Augustine’s Church hall on Friday evenings. The Brownie pack at St Augustine’s was founded approximately 80 years ago. We share a commitment to a common promise and law and Girl guiding is a registered national charity. We currently have about 20 Brownies from 5 local schools aged between 7 and 10. Brownies pay a small termly fee which goes towards Girl guiding insurance, admin and general equipment. Brownies take part in a number of different activities – mostly suggested by the girls themselves.

Guides is for girls aged 10-14. We enjoy a varied program throughout the year; from crafts and baking to hula hooping and games evenings. The girls also work towards interest badges – this year First Response, World Guiding and The 100th Brownie Birthday Challenge among others.

Senior Section is comprised of young women between 14 and 25.

For those pre Brownie age there is the Rainbow group.

All groups meet in the Church Hall on Fridays

Meeting Times

Rainbows 5pm – 6pm

Brownies 6pm – 7.15pm

Guides 7pm – 9pm

Senior Section 7.15pm – 9pm

Please also look at our hall calendar page.