A.1. There is NO SMOKING or vaping in the building.

A.2. Alcohol MUST NOT be sold on the premises.

A.3. Hirers must provide first aid cover.

A.4. Note that whilst there is public liability insurance covering the building, users are responsible for all other insurance cover should this be deemed necessary.

A.5. Organisers of activities for children and young people must have in place adequate child protection/safeguarding policies and should ensure that children under 18 are supervised at all times.

A.6. The side door must be kept locked at all times.If you are sharing use of the building please arrange with other groups for answering the door.

A.7. No responsibility can be taken for clothing, valuables or money. These items are your own responsibility.

B.1. The named person is responsible for ensuring that, when leaving, all lights, taps and heaters are turned off, that all windows are closed, and all doors are locked and that all your equipment is removed.

B.2. A phone number or email address is required (preferably both).

B.3. Ensure that arrangements have been made to collect and return keys or to have someone to provide access to the building.

B.4. If the building is left in an unacceptable condition additional charges will be made for cleaning, failure to pay will result in use of the building being denied.

B.5. Any damage must be reported to Ruth Errington as soon as possible on 0113 380 0849.

B.6. Do not move the piano or move furniture from other rooms, including church property in Room 1 (the Office). Use of additional equipment is only by agreement.

B.7. Please get in touch to discuss specifics for access and equipment use

B.8. The building is bounded by residential accommodation - users are asked to be mindful of the needs of residents. Excessive noise may cause hiring to be terminated.

B.9. No booking can extend beyond 11pm, including clear-up time.

C.1. Bring your own tea towels, bin liners and washing up liquid etc.

C.2. Remove and dispose of all of your own rubbish when you leave the building. If it fills more than 1 carrier bag, please take it away with you.

C.3. Any food left in the fridge must be labelled, or it will be disposed of.