Local encounters with the Living God
10:30 AM & 5:00 PM
Hyde Park Terrace, Leeds, LS6 1BJ

Welcome to Wrangthorn, St Augustine’s!

We are an inclusive and diverse Anglican (Church of England) Church with worship at the centre of what we do, both through encountering the Bible and by means of a variety of music, balancing the traditional with the contemporary.

We do this by gathering together on a Sunday to worship, in smaller groups through the week to study the bible, and reaching out in many and varied ways like providing hospitality to the park runners!

Whether you’re exploring what Christianity is all about and want to find out more, have just moved to the area and are looking for a church to belong to, or are simply visiting this great city of Leeds there’s a welcome waiting for you here.

We're also passionate about our heritage and history, and you may be interested in our dedicated heritage pages.

Wrangthorn means ‘twisted thorn’ - long ago these were a feature of area now known as Hyde Park Corner.For us it has another meaning - it reminds us of the crown of thorns placed on Jesus’ head on the cross, symbolising both his suffering and kingship. Wrangthorn (as St. Augustine’s) has been here for nearly 150 years. It was founded to reach a community that had grown quickly and wasn’t served by existing churches.

St Augustine of Hippo, to whom our church is dedicated, was an early Bishop in northern Africa. Counted as one of the church fathers, his work has been a great influence on the church and Protestantism in particular.