Worship isn’t just singing, although music is important! We can worship God in many ways in our daily lives - acting in ways that honour God and  share his love. When we gather together, both in small groups and as a congregation we usually have four main focuses:

  • Hearing and understanding God’s Word

  • Singing, and praising God in other ways

  • Praying to God

  • Enjoying fellowship and community

Church isn’t just a building – it’s a community. The word comes from a Greek one, ekklesia, which roughly translates as ‘assembly’, ‘gathering’ or ‘congregation’. We can use ‘church’ to talk about a local community or the worldwide community of believers!

Music is a great gift from God and we recognise that people like different types of music. Our music is often led by a singing group, accompanied by guitar or keyboard. On Sundays when we share Holy Communion, we often have an organ leading our worship, helping us to sing some great hymns that express truths about our faith and encounter the living God. On some special occasions, such as carol services, we are joined by a choir.

In the evening service, music fuses together various traditional and contemporary strands of Christian tradition.